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Yay.. haha.. i'm on vacation and i'm staying w/my parents... haven't seen 'em in lil over a year it's real nice seeing everybody i'm excited, but neway... I just got to see a picture of RainE Maida w/his shirt off and now i am just really excited... *phew* he's so damn pretty.. i would fuck the shit out of him... *sighs* eek ... I think im horny now.. damnit not good.. *grr*..
gotta go... bbl
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I'd give Raine the best 48 seconds of his life....

LOL... right on... :D
you couldn't have came home at a better thats for sure. everything was going shitty till you called from your parents.
what do ya mean dude?
B/c i missed the fuck out of you for one.
i have no one to just hang out around with anymore. Kristen lives in VA
Nao lives in Indy.
Everyones a drive away.
Among the whole boy thing.
-turns lesbo-
Give me a call if you have some free time tonight
right on! ..will. do.. :P