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... I am made to heal...

Okay, I've been thinking. I haven't had a day off sense before october. Not a full day off, anyway. You know, a whole day where you don't have to go to work at all? Right well I have this morning off, but i have to go to work tonight. Blah. I'm just bitching.


17+9+5=what? umm...31 *oops* heh well i woke up this morning so it couldn't have been that many. :D I have a lot of things to do today. Even when i have a "day off" i still don't have a day off. dang.
Right, well in July we're all going back to Indiana for vacation, isn't that odd? Heh. anyway... I'm excited it's going to be interesting seeing all those "faces" again. We're only going to be up there for five days though.
... just to be truthful... i'm breaking down. Stress is just taking me over. I'm moody and just quiet and depressed and it's all because i feel i have to be happy for everyone else. Fuck that, right? No, it's not that easy because when he's sad, so am I. ... And i mean i can't handle it when he's sad/tired/mad/frustrated. It makes me cry. RainE is god... because he just is... and OLP is my very own self-explanation I need a smoke.
I'm out
Until Later...
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